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SWIRIS designs & manufactures powerful SWIR LED lightings, and combines them with high-performance sensors into complete SWIR vision systems, fully though out and optimized by our engineering team.


Depending on your need, we can offer you either global vision solutions or both lighting (LED or laser) and cameras separately.


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SWIR LED Vision Systems

Produits - SWIRIS

Plug & Play Solutions

SWIR SpectroStudio - MultiSpectral Imager

SWIR SpectroStudio - SWIR Multispectral Imager - SWIRIS

Reconstructed MultiSpectral Image

1050 nm

1200 nm

1450 nm

Analyze samples through any wavelength!


Each image you get comes from a different wavelength, giving you an easy opportunity to identify and discriminate materials and components in your sample.


Using a power-controlled LED, which you can adjust from 0.4 to 1.7 µm, you can choose wich wavelength you want to see, without using any filter.


For a single use, we also offer an acquisition service giving you images of your sample at several wavelengths.

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LED Lighting Solutions

Thanks to our expertise in optical sciences, and the knowledge in LED lighting conception of EFFILUX, our main partner, we develop a wide range of direct & backlight illuminations, suitable for matrix or line scan cameras, and reaching unmatched performances.

Backlight Illumination

Direct Illumination

SWIR Backlight - SWIRIS




Multispectral Backlight - SWIRIS




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SWIR Cameras

SWIRIS join with leading-edge sensors manufacturers in order to advise you, test with you and offer you camera solutions that are tailored to your needs, with optimal performances and the best prices.

Cooled or Uncooled systems, High-dynamic (HDR), QVGA VGA or even HD resolution (up to 2 MP), embedded image processing software or SDK development ...

SWIRIS has a wide range of technologies to find THE solution you need.

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