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SWIR or Short Wave InfraRed

The SWIR is the spectral band typically defined beetwen 1 and 2.5 μm. On the boundary between visible and thermal imaging, this light field has unique properties.

Indeed, its proximity to the visible range gives it all its imaging qualities in terms of contrast and resolution, and at the same time its infrared spectrum allows it to reveal phenomena and elements invisible to the naked eye:

Electromagnetic Light Spectrum - SWIRIS

-  See through opaque materials (plastics, silicon ..)

-  Reveal elements like water, lipids, collagen ...

-  See through smoke, fog and dust, day and night.

Using a powerful, controled and camera-adapted light flux, SWIRIS leads the way to new applications, overcoming the current limits of lighting.


In Machine Vision & Automation as in Scientific Imaging, applications are numerous.

Here are some examples of our achievements.

Inspection through opaque plastics

Quality Control & Presence detection of internal parts

Electronic circuit - Transport card *

Sealing gasket - Pill dispenser *

Filling level detection inside bottles, jug or other opaque containers

Liquid filling level **

Solid filling level **

Chemical Identification & Discrimination

Detection, Identification & Differentiation of elements which are transparents or similars in the visible range

Medicinal products ***

Isopropanol / Water / Acetone *

Presence of water & Moisture measurement

Apple bruising ***

Dry vs Wet rice **

Silicon Inspection

Quality Control & Inspection of Silicon Wafers and Photovoltaic Panels

Wafer Bonding Inspection *

Photoluminescence of Photovoltaic Panel ***

Caption :

* Photo captured with a WiDy SenS NIT camera

** Photo captured with a Raptor Photonics camera

*** Illustration - External source

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